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Welcome to NurseryRhymesLyrics.net, the perfect place for kids.  Nursery rhymes are a entertaining approach to teach your sons or daughters about music, rhyme and language. Coach young kids the lyrics to your most desirable nursery rhymes and they’ll keep in mind them forever.

I have seen more and more nursery rhymes in YouTube. Even though there are beautiful rhymes already available in YouTube and other sites, I could not find out exclusive web site for the lyrics. I believe just like me many of us looking lyrics for their favorites nursery rhymes. I hope this site is helpful for your needs.

Most kids adore being told nursery rhymes. The most favorite nursery rhymes are listed here. these samples of nursery rhymes have been passed down down the family up to thirty times!

Here you get freely nursery rhymes,

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Some of your popular rhymes lyrics list out here 🙂

List will grow everyday. I would like to get a contribution from you too, to build this website. you can contribute your own lyrics,sounds and videos too on here.

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